Testing post, Part 2

This is to see if JournalPress will post to both Livejournal and Dreamwidth. Though it then begs the question, what exactly am I going to use DW for? It’s a nice journal, but for writing I already have inksome and this journal. I should probably stop playing around too many sites.

Edit: Well, what do you know? When you move the boxes in WordPress’ admin manager, they will automatically resize themselves to fit the sidebar and bottom bars. Interesting.

*Updates post*

Edit 2: Ok, I found the crossposting customise link section. Now… how do I get them to appear as public?

Edit 3: Apparently, whenever I change a setting and then edit a post, it’ll show up if I set it so (see LJ entry which changed from Private to public). Wondering if I should use back my old box sig though.

Edit 4: I was right. Hmm… put the mirrored to the right, or to the left?

Grandchild of edit: Ok, sleepy time. Nites!