[Politics] Quick things to note

Quick thoughts on the Perak issue with Nizar being confirmed as the current Mentri Besar and not Zambry:

Contrary to the belief of BN, they CANNOT call an assembly to table a motion of no-confidence. This is because the Tree Sitting was considered as valid instead of illegal. Among the resolutions passed at the sitting was the confirmed suspension of Zambry and exco, which numbered at eight.

Considering that BN assemblymen numbered 28 without the 3 frogs, this means that the current standing is at 28-23, which means the motion by Pakatan will carry as BN does NOT have the majority numbers.

This also means that the request for dissolution is valid (as per the Democracy Tree Sitting).

Am I right or did I miss out something?

4 thoughts on “[Politics] Quick things to note”

  1. Yes, since Nizar is the legit MB for all time material, last week’s sitting is invalid, and so are the four motions passed by BN – Ganesan, declaring the tree assembly illegal, and two others i can’t remember now (refer to mkini).

    Technically they’re still 31 BN – 28 PR because the 3 frogs are unofficially on BN’s side. But they can’t call a emergency sitting to have a vote of no-confidence.

    The only thing stopping them from dissolution is if the court makes an about turn on yesterday’s judgement.

    1. Very true, but when you consider that the tree sitting is valid, then the numbers change to 28-25, because of the suspension on the BN side.

      In any case, there’s been a stay of execution, but why are they ordering a stay of execution when it’s merely a clarification of the status boggles the mine.

  2. Nizar..is the legal Menteri Besar of Perak DR. Federal Court can’t interfere state affair. Zambry will be the shortest in power (illegally) as Menteri Besar..

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