You know the company you’re in loves games when even those who don’t own a DS and isn’t quite into the gaming scene can identify a Cooking Mama game based on just the description and without any of the words usually associated with it.

Am testing out the new Nuffnang XChange widget, which isn’t really a widget per say but more like a floating Flash widget. Please visit the site and let me know how you guys feel about it.

You know when you’ve been gaming too much when an innocent abbreviation like Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corp (PIDM) immediately translates to PDM (Paradigm).

You know that you’re addicted when you can’t stop watching politics like a bad Chinese serial. It’s traumatising yet you keep watching and hoping for the happy ending.

And hope lies not in putting our fates in the hands of politicians but by rising up and taking our fates into our own. Civil disobedience may seem like a risky thing for most people, but as Chin Huat so clearly puts it:

So, how did a simple campaign of civil disobedience that only required its supporters to wear black drown out Najib’s million-ringgit soundbites?

The answer perhaps lies in the campaign’s three features: non-violence, simplicity and minimalism.

And this was just sent to me by a friend: Stray dogs being shot in Tanjung Bunga. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO OUR COMPASSION? I thoughts such strays were to be put down to sleep, not killed outright.

The end times are coming? You bet, considering that humans seem to have lost all compassion, humanity and sense!