Reaching out in Darkness

My attempt at really bad, clichéd and horrible lyrics inspired by the emo-sounding song that is Kalafina’s sprinter. Writing these lyrics gave me a small toothache (no joke). I had fun though! I love watching all those videos, which make sense if you watch the series but none if you don’t. 😛 This was fun!

Imprisoned by my own hands
I had no hope of redemption
Till your voice called me
And your hand reached out

There was no hope for me
I thought I was unreachable in this darkness
This cold, comforting isolation
Until you broke through

I grabbed your hand and didn’t let go
You brought me back into the light
The hot and bright world threatened to overwhelm me
But you said “Trust me”

I won’t go back to the prison
I’ll make my own way here
With just your words “Live”
I’ll survive