[Civicness] Public Transport Warning

A few years ago, I wrote this. Apparently nothing much’s changed since then. I received this by email (NOT a forward, mind you) from a good friend. Please be careful.

All girls who take public transportation back late at night – beware.

A friend just told me what happened to her last week. She takes the STAR back at 9-10pm every now and then and had been doing so for years without much incident, until this happened.

Long story short, she was molested at knifepoint on the train and nearly forced back to the man’s house. Twice she tried to get away at different stops, but he was much stronger than her and he threatened to stab her. If it hadn’t been for a group of people who came in at one station, she wouldn’t have been telling me the story.

She says she’ll probably take the bus home from now on, at which point another friend mentioned that he knew a girl who’d been robbed three times on the bus and molested once.

Girls, some safety tips. Carry pepper spray and familiarise yourself with it. Take martial arts classes. Try not to use public transportation at night. Don’t be afraid of being rude when a man sits down next to you when there are plenty of other vacant seats, or if a man leans in too close: get up and move to another place, or stand so it’s easier for you to move if he follows. Don’t be afraid of accusing the offender loudly – from experience they try not to meet your eyes and generally seem embarrassed. Don’t be afraid, period. Be angry.

Most of all, be smart, and be prepared.

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