[Contest] Rediscovering the Wonders of Milk

Milk Loves You

It had been a long time since I had my last fix. It was an addiction that stayed with me, all the way up to college. Upon entering college, I found my taste for it… disappeared. The classic version I found had a taste that made me gag, and the flavoured versions were no longer appealing.

So as time went on, I just forget it existed. Sure, I’d see friends with it once in a while, but it was always like a dirty secret. It would be emptied, thrown away, without a second thought.

It was like, such a kiddie drink.

Until I started working with the Construction Company’s e-newsletter team. Then I truly rediscovered it.

I can imagine it now. Smooth, thick, chilled… the sensous sensation on my tongue as I drank it down. It felt like silk, like hot butter on a pan, like melting on a hot day. It also had the advantage of keeping me going for the next few hours without needing to eat something like a bun. In effect, it became my meal subsitute.

But ah…


Chocolate Milk, to be exact. And if you want to get really intimate with my poison…

Goodday Chocolate Milk.

When I was a kid, I preferred HL Milk, but not even Dutch Lady can compete with Goodday now. It’s almost sinful, drinking Goodday Chocolate Milk. If I don’t feel like something sweet, then there’s always soya bean milk.

Yes, soya bean. Wonderful inventions they are. Perfect for someone who’s mildly lactose-intolerant like I am. And these things were lifesavers when I went for my coffee-free Lent fast.

Milk… it really does love me. I’m glad to have rediscovered it after all this time!


The above entry was written for MilkLovesYou’s Rediscovering the Wonders of Milk contest! The first prize’s a Asus eeePC1002 netbook, and I think Mizi needs a younger sister, don’t you? 😀 VOTE FOR MY ENTRY WHEN IT GETS MODERATED PLEASE?

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  1. I don’t think anyone can deny the tastiness n goodness of milk. lol. milk is nt kiddie anymore with its benefits to anyone of any ages.

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