[Copywriter’s Chronicles] Kilts and Skirts

Me: *To Dria, an accounts manager* Next time we should get [Chris] to wear a skirt for traumatising you. *Pause* And break our brains.

TTL: *Stares at me*

Me: Ok, not a skirt, maybe a kilt. We should get [Grayfox] to wear a kilt. *Is looking at [Chris]’ corner and mistook [Grayfox] for [Chris]* Oh wait, I mean [Chris].

TTL: No, [Chris] shouldn’t wear a skirt. If it’s [Grayfox] then it would still be ok.

Me: *Dies laughing*

Note: Grayfox looks like this. Link removed at his request, but imagine a big sized Chinese guy with a neat little goatee and you’d know why I died of laughter.

5 thoughts on “[Copywriter’s Chronicles] Kilts and Skirts”

  1. if you’re reading this, be careful of the girls in the office… for they are on a mission to wipe out masculinity 😛

  2. right, you can’t fool us true-blue males by giving a false sense of security… we know your tactics: you girls are gonna go for the jugular then wipe out the ones with lesser resistance 😛

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