Musing Arguments

Arguing with my muses. … All three of them, the idiots.

Naoko is Kishan and Kishan is Naoko.
Deus Ex Machina guys! I thought we agreed not to do that?

The Shadow is often the same sex as the Princess, while the Striker is almost always not.
Darlings, are you trying to twist my head? I can see where and what you are doing. So does that mean that our Nanonovel this year is Dreamer’s Twilight?


Oi. We do this EVERY YEAR. Don’t we have like 5 more months before Nano hits us?

You’re saying that this is the end of the massive doc. That it’s the last of the novel. A trilogy.

Oi. Dreamer’s Kiss and Dreamer’s Keys haven’t ended. You never finished those two.

Yes, the past two novels have started with D and K and no we are not going to rename the third to follow that schema.

*include massive facepalming here*

Yes Mothership, that means I’ll be participating in Nanowrimo again this year.