[Copywriter’s Chronicles] When Copywriters lunch

At lunch today:

[Chris]: *To [Grayfox]* Don’t worry, I’ll make you look good.

Rest of the table: *Spontaneous laughter*

Note: This is in reference to Grayfox bringing his GF to meet us. 😛


In the lift:

[Joicy]: *Teasing* Which floor do you want to go? 2nd, 3rd, 4th?

*Note: There is no one at the second floor.

[Grayfox]: 2nd floor. *gives suggestive look*

Lift: Oooooooooo! *as though [Grayfox] was going to meet someone there secretly*

Grayfox: *Turns to [Chris] and gives suggestive look*

Chris: *Oblivious*

Girls: !!!!

And that ends our lunch, part 1.

Edit: Several hours later:

Wind Goddess: You’re very hot, Geminianeyes.

Me: Yes, I know I’m hot.

Note: I sat in her seat for a few minutes cause my MSN was being more pissier than usual.

[Grayfox]: Whut??? *face shows his mind is in the gutter… AGAIN*


The Wife of Edit: Thanks Joicy!

Chris and Grayfox’s vow to not contribute anything to the Copywriter’s Chronicles… FAIL!

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    Both Chris & Grayfox said, “Their plan to end lunch without being part of the copywriter chronicles failed miserably.”


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