[Geekiness] List

This weekend, it will be the weekend of geeking out, or rather of fixing my comp. There are issues with Kuro, and it’s been getting rather troublesome.

1. Skype
Issues: Microphone’s not working.
Possible Causes: Dead driver, dead headset.
Possible Solution: Reformat comp, reinstall drivers, change headset.

2. Maple Story and Dragonica
Issues: Unable to complete Hackshield Update when launching from Games
Possible causes: Connection being limited, Firewall Issues
Possible Solutions: Testing connection with Bro’s lappie and/or reformat.
Snags: Need 1 TB HDD to back up my many music and anime.

3. Update Book List
Issues: I need to log into iBooks and update the books I’ve read over the past few weeks.
Snags: I am lazy to log into Facebook for a tedious task. 😛

4. Complete final exam
As per subject. Need to re-read and retake the exam.