This weekend, it will be the weekend of geeking out, or rather of fixing my comp. There are issues with Kuro, and it’s been getting rather troublesome.

1. Skype
Issues: Microphone’s not working.
Possible Causes: Dead driver, dead headset.
Possible Solution: Reformat comp, reinstall drivers, change headset.

2. Maple Story and Dragonica
Issues: Unable to complete Hackshield Update when launching from Games
Possible causes: Connection being limited, Firewall Issues
Possible Solutions: Testing connection with Bro’s lappie and/or reformat.
Snags: Need 1 TB HDD to back up my many music and anime.

3. Update Book List
Issues: I need to log into iBooks and update the books I’ve read over the past few weeks.
Snags: I am lazy to log into Facebook for a tedious task. :P

4. Complete final exam
As per subject. Need to re-read and retake the exam.