[Copywriter Chronicles] On Jackets and Pregnancy

TTL: [Chris] Your leather jacket makes you look fat. *points to tummy*

[Chris]: It’s ok, I’m having Zac Efron’s baby.

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Refer to this poster:
Zac Efron, 17 Again movie poster

The Copywriter’s Chronicles would like to formally induct TTL as the newest member of the Gutter Order! She contributed this piece:

Me: *To Dria* If you can generate your own static, then you should touch CC and see how he jumps.

CC: Wah, don’t teach people bad things la. *Note: CC is a boy.

Me: True what, last week he touched me, and we both heard the BZZT! He got shocked!

TTL: Geminianeyes… touched you sounds very wrong la.

Me: *Headdesks*

CC: Ya la, make me no value already (aka no more romance value)

Me: … *adds this to the copywriter chronicles*


[Grayfox]’s remark on TTL joining: The Force is strong in her.