Birthday Surprises!

Turning the quarter of a century old has its great moments and some of the bad, but mainly good! Here’s what I got:

– Dinner with family
– Card, cake and flowers from the uke (and a kick-ass online gallery)
– Hugs, kisses, and overall great wishes from extended family
– Blood+ Saya Hagi Figurine from Otousan and Daughter Mintos (*squeee!*)
– Alruna’s Boa for Gaia online from Daughter May (AIEEE with much love)
– A specially-commissioned song from [Tiara]

Rejected Seal wanting fox on Twitpic

Insert happy squee! on Twitpic

Presents that I managed to take pics of and upload. The rest will soon follow. :D

4 Responses

  1. Eladrin June 17, 2009 / 10:14 PM

    Hey there, I feel like a complete schmuck for not wishing you a happy birthday earlier. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and congrats to us both for making it aaall the way through a quarter century. ;)

    • Naoko Kensaku June 17, 2009 / 10:24 PM

      Thank you! YAY WE MADE IT!

  2. Mika June 18, 2009 / 12:05 AM

    uwaaaaaaaa gomen nao-mama T_T have a happy belated birthday then *huggles*

    • Naoko Kensaku June 18, 2009 / 8:02 AM

      Daijobu! It’s fine.

      Thanks darling. :D *huggles*

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