DaiCon Report

In a nutshell:

As a con-goer, I am extremely pleased. Food was nearby, there were lots of places to spend my money (I don’t care what people say, places that encourage me to spend money for official stuff is goooood), and more importantly, I had fun with friends.

I’m not sorry to say that I’m not that interested in the seiyuu, but I think her performance could have been handled MUCH better.

There were a few things I was surprised by. There were not that many things to do if you were not *that* into the subculture. A maid cafe was right next to Silvy sis’ booth which I never entered, despite my curiousity. It was not that compelling. Then there were the many board games, but the signboards there were a bit misleading. There were pictures of dice, but nothing that jumped out and said “BOARD GAMES HERE RAWR!”

Note to self: Pictures are not enough, one should always put a caption below the said picture, even if it’s something as simple as “Board Games here!” That said, thanks Yzlu for teaching me to play Go!

Then there is the mystery of the missing seiyuu exhibition. Being a newcomer to this scene (unlike SOME people on my reading list, I lack the ability to recognise voices UNLESS it’s Ishida Akira >3< ) I was interested in checking this out, and so I was on the lookout for it as I walked the halls, but no dice. I saw the Maid Cafe, I saw the Figurine Mall, I had a really nice airbrushed temporary tattoo, and I might just get a permanent one, but we will see.

But that missing seiyuu exhibit? Not happening.

Hanging out with friends, chatting and all, that was great. But in terms of events, not really. However, it was a good first-time event, and I congratulate the Committee of DaiCon for pulling it off. However, I get this feeling that the committee is stand-offish and not really in touch with the con-goers; I did not see anyone with a tag that explicitly said they were the Committee moving around. I heard some stories from a friend who was asked to MC and then turned away.

Oh yes, that brings me to a peeve.

PLEASE GET RID OF YOUR MC. Or make her take lessons. Screaming at people isn’t a way to get audience participation, and woman, I can hear the insincerity in your voice. You don’t sound like this is the most amazing thing to happen to you, you sound like you’re desperate to breathe life into the convention. Two different tones, needs lots of work.

That said, DaiCon @ MMU Cyberjaya was a pretty good event. For a first-timer they got a lot of things right, and now they just need to iron out the minor details.

3/5, mainly for easy access to food, having fun with friends, and yes, that free Nescafe on Day 1.

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