[Dreams] Snake

Must have been the stress of work.

I dreamt that I was out with my family, exploring a village, when this snake that had slithered through a pipesaw me and instantly lashed itself around me. I remember fighting it, and there were people trying to get it off me. The snake constricted me but not too hard; it was a race against time as it was squeezing me softly. I could walk (the snake was around my upper body with my hands free) and I tried to find a way to get it off me.

Things I recall feeling in the dream:
– Ain’t no way I’m letting a snake kill me; I wanted to message that I had a snake around me and that it was now gone to certain people. You know, one of those life-changing SMS.

– The snake was squeezing me softly, but surely. I can feel the gently deceptive pressure still.

– It was a light green. Hugeone, with a head longer than my two fists side by side.

– This snake did not attempt to bite me till my last escape attempt, which was taking place in someone’s house.

– The snake had bitten itself and was in the midst of uncurling when I woke up. I remember it looking angrily at me as I’d gotten it to bite itself. But weird la… was it a one-headed or two-headed snake?

Ok back to bed.

2 thoughts on “[Dreams] Snake”

  1. Did you think it had two heads on one end, or one head on each end. There’s a legendary snake with the latter qualities called Amphisbaena. The former sometimes happens in real life. Typically it’s the smaller snakes, though.
    It’s an interesting dream.

    1. I know it only had heads on one end, but not if it were one or two heads. I know about snakes with two heads, saw it in the news a few times.

      And the snake’s head was huge. It was about 2 fist-sizes long. @@

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