[Copywriter’s Chronicles] CC = Carbon Copy

So we were discussing over lunch how CC (that’s his preferred name), our newest designer, looked a lot like some of the other designers in the office. It was, however, unanimously decided that his current appearance makes him look like a clone of [Chris], just not 100%.

CC replies:

“Ya, before can finish copy, he pressed cancel.”

CC is now known as Carbon Copy.

Also, not too long after that:

Me: *shoots the nerf gun at CC TWICE*

CC: *After the 2 shots* Are you trying to shoot me?

Me: *to Chris* The clone is very slow, isn’t he?

[Chris]: Well, he didn’t complete the copying process…

TTL: Go shoot him, see whether his reaction is faster.

Me: Ok… *shoots as Chris walks back to his seat*

Bullet lands on his butt.