[Copywriter’s Chronicles] Indirect Kisses and Self-Pwnage

[Grayfox] hits my head twice with Shugo, bringing a new meaning to the phrase “Clubbed by a seal.”

[Grayfox]: *sends MSN to the Wind Goddess* Grayfox 2, Geminianeyes, 1 (I shot him with a pallet gun after that).
Me: *Takes said gun back to his place for some close-range aiming*
Grayfox: *grabs his 8-ball and raises arm* THUD!
Grayfox: *winces in pain*
Me: *dissolves into laughter*

Grayfox managed to hit his elbow on the table with a thud loud enough to reverberate throughout the office.


Indirect Kisses

Backstory: Chris has been trying to molest our resident Bald-Headed Casanova (BHC) since he came into the office for a quick consultation.

[Chris]: *Picks up BHC’s mug and smells it*
BHC: Oi, what are you trying to do with my mug?
Office: Did he drink from it?
Chris: No! I was just smelling it.
Me: OMG, was he trying for an indirect kiss?
BHC: *steps far away from Chris*

😀 Sorry it’s been a long day.