[Geekiness] Twitter, LJ and FB

So yesterday I was speculating to my sis Juufan* that the unavailability of FB and Twitter could be due to a DDoS, a distributed denial-of-service attack. Her reply,

“On LJ AND Twitter AND FB? Someone must have a grudge.”

According to this, she could not have been more right.

Apparently the target was a vocal pro-Georgia, the country that’s trying to break away from its Russian master (hold the “In Russia” jokes please). The scope and magnitude of the attack is quite simply frightening, but it underscores the important of free speech.

When a voice makes the top echelons of any government squirm, then it should go on questioning and questing, until the government has answered their questions satisfactorily. For that alone, I do not believe in keeping quiet.

God gave us a voice to speak. He also gave us a pair of ears to listen. So use both wisely.

* I wanted to use her real name, then I realised that I have two sisters named Melissa. They both wear glasses and have long hair. Ok back to work.