Study Leave

To clear up misconceptions and ideas:

I’m taking a one-month leave from work to do homestudy. As most know, I took my TESOL Foundation class this May. I’ve confirmed completion of that test. The current course structure under GlobalTesol means that I have to take one specialisation. This Specialisation is Teaching English to Adolescent aka teenagers.

I actually have one year to do the course, but I aim to finish everything by end of August. This means completing the required reading and submitting the lesson plans and assignments to my course lecturer, Celine. There are no formal lessons or classes I have to attend.

I’m writing this post cause I’ve got a lot of confusion over it. 😀 Hope that clears it up. And in case you were wondering, I am probably going to make the MPBJ Library my second home during this month, so I might be away from the Internet for long periods of time. m(_-_)m

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  1. Ooh, as someone who couldn’t keep up with just part-time classes & work, my hat’s off to you. Ganbatte! =D

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