[Review] Things We Have Lost

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A woman tries to make her boyfriend accept her for whom she is by pointing a gun at his head. A mother bemoans her lost child. Two friends contemplate their burnt house (with wet tissues!) while their housemate attempts to salvage what he can. A couple spends time on the rooftop, looking down. Siblings attempt to come to terms with their mother’s death, and the houseful of memories she left behind.

The Things We Have Lost (LOST) is the latest in a series of short plays by the Electric Minds Project. Unlike the laugh-a-minute Stage Therapy, LOST is more sombre and serious. The focus here was more intense and more surreal; it was like watching bits and pieces of life.

I found the first play, Miracle, made me squirm. One was a good squirm, the other, not so good. The good squirm was because I recognised and felt the character. It also does not help that said main actress, Elza Irdalynna, reminds me wayyyyyy too much of Karcy. It’s in the hair and the pout. I could see Karcy doing that, but it reminded me much of my own relationships and the way I felt too.

Being told to shut up brings back far too unpleasant memories. Anyway…

The bad squirm was the pacing. It was a bit draggy in parts, and I personally felt the ending could have been handled better. I expected Ally to struggle more actually; it would have been quite a sight to see her attempt to throw off her boyfriend. Still… never argue with a woman who holds a gun.

Life Symptomatica: Episode Two, the Little Bird had me hanging onto June’s every word. A mother’s anguish knows no bounds, but I think there could have been more emotion channelled into it. The emotion still felt like it was being skimmed off the top; I felt her anger and I felt her hate, but I didn’t feel June’s grief.

Fag Ends. Seriously, Fags really end everything. This play had a twist I didn’t see coming at all. Plus it was funny. Though I have to admit- the closeness of Leona and Peter made me wonder if they were going to kiss or not. Still, they had waves of energy coming off them. Leona should have whacked Peter with both her hands instead of just one though, if she wanted to show off just how pissed she was at the latter. 😀

A Lifetime of Lessons was a bit too abstract for me. I was left wondering if the main characters were vampires or con artists. It was the simplest of the plays though.

Memories was my favourite. Siblings remembering their mother and the guilt associated with it. I found this one the sweetest and touching of them all. It was poignant and tastefully done.

Things We Have Lost runs until this Sunday, 16 July 2009. Details here. Alternately, I encourage you stalk their Facebook event page here.