[Review]Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills Resort

GACC 2009 pictures to follow after post-processing. I’ll be uploading the raws later tonight. They have been uploaded. Get em here.

Image gallery for Berjaya Hills (all unedited because I am LAZY like that :P) can be found here.

Last week, on 21 August 2009, I was sent to cover Colmar Tropicale of Berjaya Hills Resort as part of the AMBP (All Malaysia Blogger’s Portal) Travel Ambassador’s programme with two bloggers, Joyce and Joanna. Berjaya Hills used to be known as Bukit Tinggi, and is known by most to be a picturesque place. It’s perfect for photoshoots (RM400 for wedding photographers, others you can contact them to get permission) and the whole place has a rustic, laidback feel.

I was coming off the high of GACC 2009 the week beforehand, so I was viewing the whole place through the eyes of a cosplayer who’d like to photoshoot there. Yes, there is a folder called “Cosplayers” in the image gallery just for the interested cosplayers.

The food served at Colmar Tropicale was not quite what I expected. Presentation was top-notch, but some delicacies, like the chocolate brownies, were a bit too dry.

Mmmm nutty brownies. A little dry though.

That said, I certainly had my fill of food. Coupled with lovely views and walks with sceneries like this:

The view from the entrance

And entrances to Botanical Gardens like these:

Just by the side of the Japanese Restaurant

I enjoyed the Botanical Gardens (RM10 gets you entry to the Botanical Gardens, Colmar Tropicale and the Japanese village) the most. The sheer mixture of old and new plants were breathtaking. Berjaya Hills was built around the idea that you should build around Nature. This is clearly reflected in the Botanical Gardens. Check out some of the plant life blooming!

I forgot the name of this flower, but it was incredibly beautiful.

What I liked most about Colmar Tropicale was the tranquillity of the place. It was built to follow Alsace, France, complete with a main market and wonderful classical-looking buildings. The morning lands beautifully on Colmar Tropicale (pics in the Cosplayers’ album), and with sceneries like this in the cool mountain breeze, I felt refreshed.

Morning view of the clock tower

Morning view of the clock tower

Colmar Tropicale rooms are rather affordable (if you’re coming in groups of 6-8) and with your own sleeping bags (yes I am thinking of stay over photoshoots). Get the apartments if you can. Even if the bedroom looks small, the living space is actually quite large. I stayed in the one-room apartment, medium size because it overlooked the main street. All apartments are priced according to their rooms, but the sizes differ according to the view outside your window.

Standard 1-room apartment: RM220 a night, officially sleeps 2, unofficially can fit 4-6, if you guys take turns at the bathroom. Comes with space to make your own coffee (aka mini kitchenette). Peak Rates: RM440 a night.

Duplex: RM490 a night, 2 Bedroom apartment, penthouse-like as it’s divided into 2 floors, sleeping rooms upstairs, living space downstairs. With sleeping bags, easy 8-10. Peak rates: RM490.

The single hotel Bed (with a cool four-poster!): RM195 a night, comfy for quick stays. Yes, small room is small.

2013 Update: I’m getting a lot of hits for this entry, so I just wanted to let everyone know NOT to refer to my page for the prices. It’s been five years since I went to Colmar Tropicale (now Berjaya Hills, I think), so it’s best not to refer to this post for prices. ^^;

You can get to Berjaya Hills by driving or taking the RM25 shuttle. Bear in mind, the shuttle is actually around 1.5 hours rather than 45 minutes (we left BTS at 9.30 and reached around 11am).

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  1. hye, i was wondering if you could share some of the interesting activities they have there at the Colmar Tropicale. I was thinking of having a vacation there sometime early next year for my birthday (hopefully) i would appreciate it very much if you could spare a moment to fill me in?



    1. Hi Izzie,

      Thanks for dropping by! I recommend going for a horseback ride (suggest to call ahead as they’re very booked on weekends and the horses are nothing short of gorgeous!), visiting the rabbit farm (entrance is RM3, but those rabbits are fun to play with, while the donkeys are wonderfully tame) and the Japanese village!

      The Japanese village is a must see: You can try on the Japanese yukatas, go for a traditional tea ceremony, and indulge in some spa treatments if you’re so inclined. Alternatively, check out the Botanical gardens. The place just refreshes your mind, especially in the afternoon when there’s little sound.

      I hope you enjoy yourself there, and in advance, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

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