This is turning out to be a very frustrating last week for me. I was hoping to finish my TESOL exam either today or tomorrow, leaving me with enough time to relax and get ready for next week when I go back to work, but apparently Kuro isn’t cooperating.

His primary harddisk, the 250GB Seagate I bought in 2008, is dead. It’s so dead, my BIOS won’t detect it. To say that I am devastated is an understatement. It’s only been a year and a half!

I’m hoping that the Seagate warranty holds. This is an item that should have at least three years’ warranty. I’m going to request that they give me a replacement harddrive NOW or at least a temp one while waiting for this one to be returned. I think they’ll tell me to buy a new one, but I refuse to spend my money anymore at these joker’s shop.

One by one the components I bought from them are failing. First it was the graphics card, and now it’s this. I’m terrified that the next one to go would be the Motherboard.

At least everything of importance is backed up on Kuro-Pi. Thanks [Raz] for helping me back up. Sigh.

*goes get ready to bath, unhook Kuro, and takes him out*