Device Names

As some people will know, I name my devices. Here’s the latest list so far:

Main comp: Kuro (his elder sister was Verita, henceforth deceased)
Laptop: Shiki (formerly Mizi)
Thumbdrives: Jemima (2 gig), Cruizy (1 gig)
Music Player: Enma (Creative Zen)
Former External: Tamako
Extra Harddisk: Kuro-Pi
NDS: Sachiko
Phone: Mizuiro
Old MP3 Player: Razko (now defunct)


4 thoughts on “Device Names”

  1. I tried to practice naming my devices or soft toys and I failed miserably. I can’t seem to relate myself emotionally to physical things that don’t react to me. 😛

  2. My current PC is Luna, her predecessor was called Sarah – I lost Sarah’s ghost a few years back when her primary harddisk crashed.

    Luna is now my precious baby with constant backups every 6 months.

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