[Politics] Rape threat = ignored?

Silence, they say, is deafening. Read and judge for yourself:

‘Charge those who threatened Rodziah’

The police have been urged to take action against the individual who threatened to rape Batu Tiga state representative Rodziah Ismail, during the chaotic dialogue between the Selangor government and Section 23 Shah Alam residents last Saturday.

In a statement today, the Federal Territories PKR women’s wing chief Felicia Ling said the police must arrest the person in order to ensure Rodziah’s safety.

“The delay by the police to act against the ‘cow-head’ demonstrators caused the instigators to step up their criminal acts during the dialogue session,” she said.

“Until today, no action has been taken (against) those who threatened Rodziah. Although there are video recordings to prove it, no action has been taken so far.”

During the dialogue, an irate Section 23 resident threatened to rape Rodziah because of the Selangor government’s proposal to relocate a temple to a site in his neighbourhood.

This was recorded by Shah Alam city council member A Sivarajan in an article which is being widely distributed on the Internet.

Wow, when they run out of ideas, they always resort to threatening women. Brainless much?