[Copywriter’s Chronicles] S or M?

So I posted this on my Twitter stream earlier today. The lamp was between [Chris]’ and SC’s table, an old OTP. The conversation that followed:

TTL: Eh (to me), Come here.

Me: Hmm?

TTL: *refers to pic* Between [Chris] and SC, who’s on top?

Me: Hmm… good question. SC, what letter you prefer? M or S?

SC: *Looks at me long and hard* Oh, I know what you’re asking. S.

Me: Eh, you sure ah? That means you’re bottom you know.

SC: *Sheepish, silly grin*

TTL: Eh? Not referring to size ka?

Me: *sits on the floor and laughs non-stop for 5 minutes*

Note: This conversation has been cut for brevity.

After hours edit:


Aren: I can’t wait to try Nemo.

Wind_Goddess: Don’t forget we share 50/50 ya!

[Chris]: I’m drinking Nemo.

Me: *facepalm*

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