0177626775 is the latest phone number to stalk me.

This is the fourth time I’ve received random calls (third if you don’t count the first, which was a house phone). The first time was my grandma’s place, where we ended up ignoring the number. The second time was a few months back, where this guy called me up and started swearing at me for no reason. A few weeks ago, this guy started calling me up and asking me random questions; I could barely hear his questions but I get the gist that he’s got the wrong number.

Not the first, I thought, and so I told him he got the wrong number.

He got more persistent. Last week, I sent him a SMS after he called me saying that he had the wrong number. He said he didn’t speaking, and I have no idea what else. I wrote back in Malay that he had the wrong number and please do not call me again.

Just after midnight, he called again, this time on the 017 number you see above. I hung up after I heard his voice (he was asking me to bring him some water WTF?) and then he tried to call me a few more times. I let the phone ring and the call went unanswered twice. Then when he called again, I went over to my bro and asked him to answer the call; my phone decided to hang at that moment. No worries, he called back ten minutes later, and when my brother answered the call, silence on his end.

I hope the calls stop. I really do not want to make a police report if I can help it.

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