Let’s stop being so damned respectful

I, for one, completely agree with Richard Dawkins.

It was by being respectful to religion that we ended up in this mess. The followers of religion, more than any other group in the world, is responsible for the chaos we find in the world today.

How else can you explain the Violence Against Women?

Religions, in theory, are beautiful. In THEORY.

In practice though, they completely fail against the actual laboratory experiments that is this world and this life. Religion, in many different cultures, and in many different timezones, have shown time and time again that it is nothing but a complete failure.

According to most scientific principles, if the results of an experiment can be reproduced in different climates and under different conditions and keeps failing no matter how long and how many times you try it, it is probably safe to say that the experiment will ALWAYS fail. So you move on.

You try something new. Something different.

BUT NEVER THE SAME EXPERIMENT, expecting the same results.

If there’s a way to create a unified enemy in Malaysia, it’s by labelling someone an atheist. I tell you, the people who oppose that atheist will be voted in faster than you can blink, regardless of religion.

1 thought on “Let’s stop being so damned respectful”

  1. It’s not religion that’s the problem, else you’d hear more news about militant Buddhists and pagans.

    It’s the human tendency to put people in Me vs Them, to NOT respect “them”, and to annihilate “them” as much as they can. If it’s not religion it’d be something else – see sports hooligans, see the Bangladesh war started over LANGUAGE, see freakin’ geek wars.

    Militant anything – including militant atheism – solves no problems; it only creates more strife.

    We don’t need less respect; it’s less respect that got us into this trouble to begin with. We need MORE respect – respect for people’s diverse journeys and backgrounds.

    I’m very surprised to read this coming from you. I would have never thought you of all people would be advocating sweeping statements and widespread bias against…what, 75% of the world’s population?

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