Looking for an Upgrade

Was thinking whether I should upgrade to Windows 7. So far the features sound good, and it seems that the developers actually took the time to listen to its users before they shipped. Yes, I’m easily mollified by companies that make an effort to listen to their customers before actually doing something.

I’ve had experience with Ubuntu and XP in recent days. Am thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 not so much for the features, but so that the 64bit machine I bought and assembled by Otousan can actually run instead of 32bit. Don’t want a Mac, and Vista is not an option. In your opinion, do you think 7’s worth the upgrade? I’ve had a lot of people tell me it is.

Opinions? And if you’re running Windows 7 yourself, lemme know what programs can run fine and what can’t (preferably without having to revert back to the Windows XP mode). I’m trying to make sure these programs ought not to have problems:

Sims 3
Maple Story
Baldur’s Gate

As I’ve already sent in Kuro’s original harddrive in for a warrranty check, I’m currently waiting for it to come back. If need be, I don’t mind waiting till then to use Windows 7. Based on what you guys know about me, which would you recommend? Windows 7 Ultimate? Windows 7 Home? Premium? Bear in mind most of the time I usually download programs to get it to do what I want it to do (like relying on SumatraPDF to read PDFs instead of Adobe and using Pidgin instead of Live Messenger) so something that allows me to install programs without too much bloat would be great.

So, how la guys? Is this thing worth spending RM300++ on?

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  1. Rule of thumb is that: whatever works in Windows Vista, works in Windows 7 as well. Both OS are running on the same base architecture.

  2. Applications that are code for 32 can’t run on 64, you need to get the 64 bit version.

    For windows 7 however, there is a “Xp mode” (I think) however it requires your processor to support X86 virtualization.

    Or you can install xp on a virtual machine which *gasp* don’t support direct x stuff yet.

    1. Hahaha to the support directX comment.

      I know about the applications being coded for 32 not being compatible with 64. I want to get those 64bit version.

      XP virtualisation mode, from what I was reading, is actually sort of like running Windows XP in Win 7. The installation for that is another 15 gigs, which makes Win 7 (which is supposed to come in at 20 gigs) larger to 35gigs.

      Huge installation is huge.

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