Windows 7 Poutings

I’ve been looking at Windows 7 information and news over the past few days, in anticipation of getting a Windows 7 upgrade for my office computer. I’ve been informed by my HoD that I should be getting the upgrade soon, and really, it can’t be too soon.

Hey, you try running Windows XP on a 512MB comp with 2 Firefox windows with about 10-20 tabs each open, Google Chrome for the Flash pages that are being idiotic in FF, 3 MS 2007 Word documents, Twitterfox, Thunderbird, and Pidgin running.

And don’t even get me started on the new Windows Live Messenger. It’s a resource hog on my comp. T_T

As you can guess, what I really, really wanna try out with the new Windows 7 is ReadyBoost. Was looking through the list of the Bloggers on Windows and I realised that yes! I can has ReadyBoost in my new system.

It’s one of the few features I actually liked about Vista. 😀 But I don’t want Vista! I want Windows 7, and I want it now!

Ok la, I’m stop the childish ranting. Why am I ranting?

Because after 3 days, there’s still no sign of Windows 7. My colleagues all have Windows 7. *pouts* Yes, I’m sulking because I want Windows 7 now! /spoiltbrat

Just spoke to technician and it looks like I’ll get Windows 7 next week! Whopee! And it looks like it’ll be another desktop so… *evil smile*

But that’s just for the office! Being the cheapskate that I am, I’m also aiming to get the Windows 7 ULTIMATE installation for my darling Kuro. Yup, it’s time to go legit!

Windows 7 Malaysia is having a Twitter Contest. You need to tell them why you deserve Windows 7 with the hashtag #win7my. I want Windows 7 cause I wanna go legit and speed things up with ReadyBoost!

What about you? 8D

PS: Yes Shaun, this means no spamming for you. Try to think of creative reasons why you should get Win7, mmkay? *flees from her bro*

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    1. I saw that one, but I’m more interested in the actual performance rather than benchmarks in this case. :p It certainly looks like 7’s going to be faster than Vista though.

      Thanks! *clicks on link*

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