Seeing the glass half-full

[Chris] and me had a minor disagreement over Twitter a few days ago. It was basically an argument against/for censorship. He sees the world in Black and White. I see the world in colour. It makes the world more real, doesn’t it?

But that’s disgressing.

I abhor religion.

Not for the theory themselves, no, because religion, as I mentioned before, is a beautiful theory. The values that it preaches to its followers is universal, though as [Karcy] says, it’s always the fundamental beliefs that drive a wedge between all people (My God is more real than yours! arguments anyone?). I abhor religion because people justify their beliefs by saying “God said so.” If God told them to jump off a cliff when they were 50 so as to not burden their children, we would see that suicide after 50 being completely legal, as it’s a tenet of their faith.

Extreme? Completely.

I believe in personal responsibility. I believe that you must take responsibility for what you say and do. What you should not take responsibility for is the actions of the other party based on your own words, unless you deliberately provoked them. A few weeks back, I said this:

The reason is rather simple. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. I take responsibility for what I write, in that I admit ownership to writing these words. What I don’t take responsibility for, is the reaction to my words.


We are not responsible for the actions others take, unless we have ordered that action ourselves. Rather, each person is alone responsible for the actions they have chosen.

I believe in that. Everyone of us has choices. We always do. Of course, you must also realise that each choice comes with a consequence.

I believe fundamentally, we’re all born good, but we were tainted with original sin. That’s the use of baptism, to wash away that herital sin. What happens after that, is completely, and utterly up to us. When we are free from that original sin and as we learn how the world works, we are always, always, confronted with choices. Your choices, and the consequences that arise from those choices, is completely, and utterly, up to you. It is you who has to live with the end result of those choices.

You and no one else.

After all, if God made us in His image, and we are supposed to be rotten to our core, doesn’t that mean that God is rotten to His core?

Think about it.

1 thought on “Seeing the glass half-full”

  1. See, now this is the advantage of being Pastafarian. We CLEARLY are not made in our Complex-Carbohydrate-Creator’s image, he was drunk off His divine noodly ass when Mankind (in the form of a midget) was made, and if other gods are out there, we’re FINE with that!

    It’s just that ours is cooler.

    Oh, and unlike ANY OTHER holy book out there, ours includes the phrase “A Pastafarian is NOT an asshole.” TWICE.

    …Which is why I technically don’t count as one. 🙁

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