Windows 7: GETTO!

If you can’t already tell, I’m on Windows 7 in the office. So far, I’ve noticed that I’m pretty much reverting to default Windows XP behaviour, but I’m discovering that Windows 7 looks and feel much snappier than my old comp (I think it’s more of the hardware that does that instead of the actual OS, but I’m nitpicking).

So far things I love: Sticky notes. Yes this is very useful to me.

Things I’m getting adjusted to: Darling multiple program windows, will you divorce from me? Like I told Marauderz, it’s not a deal breaker for me, just a psychological thing (Windows 7 will group your program windows together, which isn’t something I’m fond of cause I prefer my windows to be separated by another program in between).

Falling in love with: Search in Start Menu. LOOOOOOVVEEEEE I TELL YOU!

Ok back to work.