Windows 7: Away from It

If I needed any proof that my colleagues and their acquaintances are eeeeeeevil people:

Me: fuwaaaaaa so far so nice! #win7my is looking pretty on my comp. Still working out the kinks though. šŸ˜€

[Joycie]: Pray don’t kena BSOD ;P RT @geminianeyes: so far so nice! #win7my is looking pretty on my comp. Still working out the kinks though. @lohhw3

Joycie’s acquaintance: @joycescapade @geminianeyes i’d put #win7my is simply more gracious in serving us BSOD. it’s more polite in a sense šŸ˜‰

Me in reply: @lohhw3 blekkk! So far so good! *touch wood*

The reply? @geminianeyes lol getting a BSOD on Win7 is harder, u know? šŸ™‚

That said I’ve already managed to crash Pidgin once while using Windows 7. It’s not surprising; Pidgin is unstable even on Windows XP, but I was impressed by the way Windows 7 handled the crash. It was very reminiscent of the way Ubuntu does it, which is to white out the program area, have a dignified-looking circle counting down, and telling you politely that your program has crashed. Windows 7 took it a step further than Ubuntu though, and asked me if I minded sending information to Microsoft for them to see what the problem was.

I like that. It’s polite and nice.

The feature I am most in love with though, is something that’s long overdue. Way too long.

Open a folder. Pull it to one side of the screen. Watch it expand to take up half the space of your monitor. Now, do the same with another folder. Voila! Instant comparison. As someone who likes transferring files from one place to another and having a lot of folders open most of the time, you can imagine what a godsend Aero Snap is.

Ok, will end this first preview here for now. Sleepy di. Nites~

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