[Windows 7] Hmmm…

So, today’s my third day of using Windows 7. So far, it’s been a very pleasant experience, with a few hiccups along the way. I’m not sure whether this is due to the OS, or whether it’s something else completely.

Here’s some thoughts:

Q10 not installing
Q10, a full screen word editor I use to write without distractions, won’t install on Windows 7. Every time I try to install it, it comes with an error. Probably something I’d have to look deeper into before installing. For now I’ve reverted back to Notepad for format-free writing.

Yes, I’m aware that I *can* use XP mode for this, but I’d rather not. I’m going to do a bit of digging when I’m free and NOT on my lunch hour to figure this out.

Insane mouse is insane
I’m pretty sure this is very much a hardware issue, and not with OS itself. Basically my mouse went nuts. Instead of detecting as a single click, the mouse kept depressing itself, so the OS keeps detecting a double mouse click instead of a single one.

I’m pretty sure it’s the mouse, as I had funny incidents with the mouse even on XP before this. Ah well. Ironically, it happened while I was working on articles for Google and NVidia. XD

Weird Pidgin behaviour
I thought the era of weird OS behaviour was over, but apparently I was wrong. Pidgin kept crashing this morning, and then suddenly it was fixed. I have no idea what failed and what worked. I didn’t change anything of the program since I installed Pidgin a few days ago, so this is very @.@ for me.

That said, Pidgin is working fine now.

ReadyBoost doesn’t work on Jemima
Jemima’s my Kingston 2GB Data Traveller. Apparently she doesn’t have enough requirements to be a Booster. I really do have to wonder.

PEBKAC error
It took me until this morning to figure out how to get my Pidgin notifications to appear in the taskbar. Also took me this morning to realise hey, I’ve got access to my DropBox, so I can get extra wallpapers from there too!

This is kinda lost when you consider that I work 85% of the time behind a full screen. The only time I’m in my desktop more than 5 seconds is when I’m looking for a document on my desktop.

Comparison with Ubuntu
As some will know, I still use XP at home, and I’m waiting for Karmic Koala to come out before I finally install Ubuntu again. I’m not looking forward to both, as I’ve gotten used to clicking on the Show Desktop button at the bottom right next to the clock in 7.

Navigating to Desktop has been made much easier, and I appreciate it.

Pity I can’t test games in the office. XD

Pretty good and solidly built OS. Minus ReadyBoost (which I will be investigating later, this is a worthy successory to XP.

Let us never mention the one before 7 and after XP.

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    1. It’s not the speed of the double click. It’s the mouse acting as though I double click when I didn’t at all. Or rather, the mouse gone insane, because I’m not even clicking the mouse.

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