[Copywriter’s Chronicles] 4th Floor Curse?

The office (including me) believe that our 4th floor is cursed. Thankfully it’s not the horror kind but it is the annoying kind.

The curse? Every time someone new joins the team, our aircon dies within the week. The 4th floor is divided into 2 departments. It applies to both. Our current count:

Designer in Feb 2008 – Aircon died within the week
Copywriter in December 2008 – Aircon died within 2 weeks
Designers mid Dec 2008 – Aircon died the day after
Designer in May 2009 – Aircon died within a week
Designer in October 2009 – Aircon died the day he came in
Designer who went into the next department- Aircon died within the week

Wind_Goddess and [Joicy] what else did I miss ya? 😛

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