DIGI, PLEASE GIVE ME BROADBAND DONE RIGHT! Especially after receiving messages like these. T_T Friends, click on the image to vote for me ya! :P>

P1, you’ve let me down. This entry is mainly for my own reference, especially for my current connection, which is driving me nuts. At the time of writing, these websites were inaccessible:

Maple Story

This is what I’ve done so far:

Flushed DNS several times.
I’ve changed the DNS addresses in both my P1 router modem AND my Network connections. No use.

Using a new modem on a new computer (well, almost)
I got my new modem on Saturday, along with my harddrive. This meant that I was running on a more or less a brand new install of Windows XP AND a new modem. Also no dice.

Checked the NSLookup
Doing a NS Lookup based on [Raz]’s instructions, I tried to lookup the addresses. Instead of returning it kept returning

Reset all DNS, restarted and renewed, still no dice. A lookup confirmed that the address was now showing so [Raz] concluded that it was probably a few issues, not just the DNS (it was one of the contributors I think).

Checked to see if this was a P1-related issue
A check with a friend staying in Shah Alam showed that his P1 modem could access the sites. Specifically he was using the P1 wireless modem, which is different from mine. I’m using the DS 300 wired version, while he’s using the wireless version. Checked at the P1 Paddock, and they could access the sites too, even the ones with the same modem as me.

This could be one of two things. Either the base station is wonky, or my modem is. I couldn’t have been one of those really bad luck people who managed to get a horrible modem twice in a row, could I?

Dear DiGi, can you give me Broadband Done Right? Pretty please? All I wanna do is game and support Ubuntu by sharing on uTorrent. T_T

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