Ok, ok I’m up!

In bits and pieces cause I can’t remember the flow:

Searching for this 12 bars of gold so as to help put right a wrong made to Kak Yasmin’s niece or something
Random swimming in Pork Dickson?
Weird eateries
Phone in a Campbell can
CF opens in an office
Kiraneko leads an opening dance
Zend wins last year’s cosplay and is told to come out to dance with Kiraneko
Weird dance is weird
Can’t remember track
Dream switches to sister
Sister needs to be taken to hospital/doctor for checkup
Doofus guy offers to send sis to hospital
While doofus guy wsa at mamak had breakfast with a police officer
Pregnant 14 yr old with belly comes up
Had premonition she was going to be raped
Doofus guy and police go save girl


Why is there a pregnant 14 year old in my dream? And she was pregnant so happily!