Of work, life and dreams

Random observations about life:

1. Current eyeshadow that Mom gave me will set better after wiping them with wet tissues. Odd but true. Ok, it turns out that most makeup will set with water.

2. Got my certs yesterday. Now wondering what to do.

3. Clients will always try to make you cry. And stay overnight. And work you like dogs. But there are other clients who’ll remember to say, “Well done, and thank you so much! I know you guys stayed up nights to do this.” Those are the keepers.

4. Having this picture on my desktop does wonder for my mood.

5. Spent 2 years here. I love the people here. Will treasure the memories and the experiences gained. Wondering if I should go, or should I stay?

6. Nanowrimo!!!! Nuff said.

6a. As a continuation, yesterday was musing on the nature of Knuko and Aiureelian. I think I’ve just done a cop-out. The explanation of Aiureelian’s divinity is very… *facepalms*

Now back to work.