Event Quickie: Bratpack Night @Lepaq Cafe

Was case of much fun. Twelve out of 10. 😀

Would have bidded at the auctions (damnit I wanted Alex to cook for me!) but I was out of money. Seriously, am so broke this month it’s actually carrying over to next month. And no, I did not spend on anything much.

… At least I think I didn’t.

In a nutshell, you can summarise Bratpack night thus:

Bad comedy meets great music needs moar Black Coffee while the Russian desperately needs Vodka.

Haha yes, in a nutshell, that was what we had. The stand-up comedy performances by Alfred (as “the Russian who’s actually from Communist China who followed parents to Communist Russia”) and Oliver Peters (I’ve giving bad comedy cause EMP’s not paying me anything) were nothing short of hilarious, and in some cases, seditious. Still they resonated, and that’s what matters.

The songs performances were a bit of hit and miss. Some were good, some were hmm… and one completely blew my socks off. Well, in terms of raw performance.

Davina Goh’s performance of Ella Fitzgerald’s Black Coffee was nothing short of kick-ass. Strong, smooth and definitely all woman, it was one that everyone loved. The attitude, the emotion… it was all there. Seriously, why is this girl NOT signed up yet? Or is she? Hmm…

Impromptus are great, and the hilarious mashup between Tony Leo of Lepaq Cafe where we hung out and Alfred was WTF to say the least. Let’s just put it this way, Roxanne, you ain’t got nothing on Natalia. XD Then of course, there was the I’m a Legal Russian in Malaysia, sung to the beat of I’m a legal alien. Really, you had to be there to laugh.

I’m not sure how successful their fund raising was, but I do know that I had lots of fun. Next time must remember to drag the Twitter crew along; their loss on missing this. Hee!

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