Time to upgrade to Windows 7

Just something that occurred to me while I was trying to update Reach Into Your Soul this morning. It’s usually not recommended to run Windows XP without an anti-virus for fear that undesirables can come into your computer. Turns out that that could have been a reason why I couldn’t upgrade this morning; I think my AV must have caught a false positive and blocked the upload of one of WP’s files.

Logged into Ubuntu and no such problems. Yup, I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t have to download another AV/Firewall product anymore. ._.

4 thoughts on “Time to upgrade to Windows 7”

  1. Don’t use Ubuntu under the misconception that it’s bullet proof. I don’t even want to call the things that appears on Windows as viruses anymore. They’re nowhere near the virus of the old DOS days of crazy viruses. Nowdays the ‘viruses’ are usually just the user falling under the hook of social engineering and ending up with trojans on their systems.

    And all it takes to wreck havoc on a user’s files (not even to compromise the system) is to have the user run a program. It’s definetly can happen on Ubuntu as well.

  2. Marauderz,

    I disagree, I myself would recommend any Linux (or other Unix-base) distros compare to Windows one when it comes to security for 3 main reasons which I am sure you can comprehend.

    1 – Linux architecture is written in a way, that writing virus for it is harder ( not everyone logs in as root/administrator on default )
    2 – Related to point #1 , most windows users tend to use Root/Admin accounts, remember the Conflicker craze?? reason it spread was because people were all on admin accounts.
    3 – At the moment most Virus are written for Windows because it has a larger share, so less people tend to write virus for Linux base systems, Also reason they have trouble writing for Linux base systems is because there are TOO MANY distros, which is the boon and bane of Linux.

    I have nothing against people who want to use Windows XP/Vista/7 or even Mac OS, you want to use it go ahead. I try to be neutral when it comes to technology. ( Trust me I even bash Linux too, specially Fedora, welcome to ask the Fedora-My group on my nickname, hehe )


    I dont think the version of Windows matters, but i might be wrong.
    Anyways, dont upgrade to 7 now specially if you are a gamer or even 64bit version of windows 7. Even I cant get my fallout 3 (mind you, it is original) to work on Windows 7 64bit >.< . If I were you ill wait till people all start making solutions for most our programs/tools (maybe about 2-3 months more) before you upgrade.

    Just my 2 cents ^^

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