[Dreams] Do electric pugs dream?

We took part in a robbery because the three of us had no money for Christmas. What we robbed, I can’t remember, but I knew it was a small place, so we didn’t make off with that much money. I was in America, I think, driving a minivan.

The next day we heard on the radio that the police was looking for us, and we were horrified to discover that the woman who was supposed to have disposed of the money didn’t. After a few moments of panicking, we made our way to a fast food joint to spend money there. I reasoned that it’s almost Christmas, and having that much money in our wallets to buy things was not unusual.

While we were putting the money in our wallets, the minivan’s doors opened and in jumped in these three guys. We were terrified, as we thought they were about to rob us or something (yes the irony). Turns out they wanted us to take them somewhere.

One of the guys (the Turkish guy, I think) had a pug. He stroked the pug till the pug’s ear came off, and then he became worried as apparently it’s the last stage of an illness for pugs. I called this vet named Dr Tania, drove the boys there, and then promised I’d be back later if they needed transport. I didn’t charge them surcharge as was my right as a cab driver. Yes, I was suddenly back in Malaysia and my minivan was now a cab.

I blame [Joicy] for this.

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