[Pre-Nano] Nightfire

The two of them watched from afar. With the exception of a few seconds’ delay, everything was going to plan. The man’s visitor, staying so late, was the only unexpected factor in their attack. Still, it was no matter. It would not affect the outcome of the attack.

“What’s wrong, Maiso?” his question broke her train of thought.

“Something is not quite right, Danijel,” she could not tell him more.

“The God will die, Maiso. Do not worry,” he took her hand with a smile.

She blushed, then looked back at the scene of the carnage. The assassins had boasted that they had killed many Divine Beings, but she did not trust them. The only mortals who could kill the Divine Beings were the Kamigoroshi clan, but if they could incapicitate the God that would be enough. She and Danijel would take over.

“Something’s wrong…” she breathed, releasing his hand.

Their hands stole to their weapons. She was right. There was a large roar and suddenly they could both see a majestic Golden Dragon take flight, growing in size as he soared. In his arms lay their quarry; the God Danhwa.

“The fools!” Maiso made to jump, but Danijel held her back.

“Do not be overeager, Sister. Watch,” he pointed to where the assassins were.

The Dragon floated above the area, his eyes on the smoking ruins of Danhwa. All around the neighbourhood, people were beginning to wake. Some had called the police, but no one had thought to look up yet. After debating with himself, the dragon fled, and the assassins followed. Apparently they were all working by the same rule.

The general populace must not know the existence of the Divine Beings.

“Now it gets interesting,” Danijel said.

Taking Maiso’s hand again, he led her away from the cliff and to the car. They would watch the battle happening on the outskirts of the city. The assassins claimed that they could take down a God; would they be able to take down a dragon?