Soundtrack List

Songs to write during Nanowrimo:

Keep the action moving:
Northern Cross by May’n
Howling- Inch Up by Abingdon All of Abingdon’s Songs

Relaxing times by the lake
Seasons of Love by Angela Aki
Ordinary Day by Miz

Random high energy songs
Songs by Kuraki Mai

WTF LOLOL Laughing times:
Ze Mini Drama (I blame this completely on Neon)

OMG THE DRAMA facepalm times
Beauty and Ghost Drama CD

Overall Lalala Roadtrip
Gensoumaden Saiyuki OST

This list is sure to grow, I am confident.

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  1. blueberry_jam November 1, 2009 / 7:00 PM

    Yay!! Northern Cross~!!
    I’m gonna write to that song too when it comes to my actions scenes~

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