[Nanowrimo 09] Keys To Twilight

Something tells me that writing when I’m half asleep is a bad idea. Here, have an excerpt from this morning’s mad dash of “write at midnight!”

Part 1:

Sukina came back to her body with a thud. The force of it was such that she found herself knocked back to the floor, and she lay there for a few minutes, catching her breath and allowing her body to readjust to the fact that she had a soul again.

Her brother scratched the door, asking if everything was alright. Sukina croaked that it was, and asked him not to come in. She lay on the floor, not moving. Though her soul craved action, her body demanded the rest she had denied it for the past week now.

Was it really just a week since she had told her people to disappear? Had it just been two weeks since they were attacked? Was it really only last night that she fought Aiureelian, and managed to escape?

She pondered these thoughts even as she laid unmoving on the floor. There was more to Aiureelian than she had suspected. More, she thought, than her ancestors had ever told her. It was in the way the Goddess had reacted to Aiureelian being in her mind even after the Goddess had been expelled from her mind.

“What am I missing?” she pushed herself to stand upright, even if every muscle in her body protested.

“You missed nothing, child,” Inari’s way of calling her a child was beginnning to irk her.

She was tempted to tell Inari to shut it, because Naoko was her sister, not just his daughter. Taking a deep breath, she steadied herself. Her sister might have been one to fight in such a manner, but Sukina had other weapons in her arsenals. And she would not allow a two-bit Demon Fox God who thought he was Karma’s gift to women irritate her. Instead, she got to her feet. With a haughty manner, she left the room. Hopefully she would be able to walk out of the room without fainting due to hunger.

Part 2: (aka I do not know what I tried to write. And no, I did not re-read this either):

Kishan sat at his sister’s door, awaiting for her to come out. A few of the Priestesses, trying to familiarise themselves with their temporary home, walked by him. They were imprinting the layout of the guest house into their mind and body.

Kishan ignored them, weighing his options. Naoko was probably off getting killed somewhere. Knowing Sukina, she would probably be doing the same though he doubted she would be trying to get herself killed in the mortal world. After what happened with Aiureelian, Kishan began to reevaluate their options. There was just no way he could reconcile the two sisters. It used to be that there could be trade-offs in consequences and choices with his siblings, but now the rules had been changed. There was no more negotiating, merely take it or leave it. It was unfortunate though, most people preferred to take it. His siblings were unable to find a way out of the impasse, to the point that bargaining was out of the question. They needed to get something agreed, but it was extremely difficult.

Choices. It was what had brought them here, and it was most likely going to be the same thing that got them out of their current state of bondage. They never did get a say in what they were to do. Kishan, for one, was weary of what was happening, that events were running away faster than he could catch up. It did not happen too often, but it happened ofted enough. And in the maelstorm, his sisters caught in between. This time, he highly doubted his sister Naoko would be able to catch up. She often preferred to take her own time, something that boded well if you were doing what she usually did, which was demon hunting. But now, she would be fighting for her life, as they were. Then there was a problen.

One of the women passed him for the first time, and a few minutes later was back again. Kishan recognised the flowers on her perfume, the scent she wore that was uniquely her and completely none threatening. The Alin’sa, if they had the time, would usually like to make their own perfumes. It was an old art that was being lost.

“Sage, saffron and some pieces of chocolate. That’s what I have in my perfume,” the girl stopped in front of Kishan and told him.

He looked up, completely lost. “I’m sorry, what did you say or mean?” Kishan was asking a broader question today. He did not expect to see the girl huff and proceeded to ignore him. He was surprised though, that the woman left him off with with merely a growl. She seemed to be one of the more modern Alin’sa, one who followed trends. They often wore perfumes with random kitchen herbs to show that they support Mother Nature. Kishan thought it was a whole lot of distraction. He made it as clear as much to his sisters and the customers. Or rather, the night club everyone visits.

The woman leaned in front of him, offering a wonderful view of her chest, which looked very full and ready for children. They were the right size to fondle and make love to. Kishan resisted. It was not too hard, all he needed to do is replace XP. He would not swing that way. Not while his sisters were still lost somewhere.

The woman turned her full charm on Kishan. She wanted his baby, but whether Kishan decided would be dependent on the courts. She had heard from the Matriarchs that Kishan was single and available. If she managed to get his child, both their social status will increase. She did not want marriage though, with the Miakan’s bodyguard. That would have been too unnatural.

The door behind Kishan slid open to reveal Sukina in a simple yukata, with the demon God following behind her. She took in the sight of the girl in front of Kishan with her neckline gaping open and Kishan simply staring at her with a smile.

“Forgive me, Yandere, but I need my brother. Perhaps you may speak to him later. Oh, and please tell the Matriarch Rui that I would like some dinner now, if it can be arranged,” Sukina’s voice betrayed none of the mirth she felt.

“Certainly, Miakan,” the child bowed low and walked away, tossing a meaningful glance at Kishan.

Kishan looked up to his sister, but he already knew what she was thinking. She had allowed him to glimpse at her thoughts while the exchange with the girl Yandere was taking place; the thought of the girls wanting to sleep with him was amusing to say the least.

“Are you done yet? We must move soon,” the demon God growled at Sukina, causing Kishan to raise an eyebrow.

“Unless you wish me to faint, Lord Inari, allow me to have a meal at least. I have not eaten for the past one day,” Sukina beckoned her brother into the chamber and closed the door behind him.

They had war to discuss.