Dear clients

We have been waiting for you to send us the amendments since this morning. We have also informed you that we go home at six. We are not your slaves. Do not expect us to treat your products with the respect *you* think your products deserve if you cannot even do the same.

We should not have to chase you for YOU to keep your own deadlines. Please do not make promises you cannot keep. It’s a reflection of your own work ethics and how you handle your personal life.

We believe in your product. We truly believe that the product you have IS as good as you claim it is. However, bear in mind it’s hard not to be seen as hypocritical when you cannot deliver what YOU have promised to us.

Please, for the love of God (as far as I know you believe in that God) send us the things we need as you promised. Your flip flops only does injustice to the great product that you have.

With no love