Now I can see

How my uncle got played out by “Christians” who promised to support him financially for the home, but in the end did not fulfil their promises. I say Christians because they specifically identified themselves as Christians and made promises by that identity.

Some people whom I’ve had to work with in recent days has left me with this bad impression of whomever holds a title in my old churches. My “seniors” all seem to care far more about what other people can do for them, hiding their own inadequancies, laziness, and carelessness under a veneer of “serving God.”

They have a martyr’s mentality. The entitlement mentality also ensures the belief that they are right, and that others should bow down them because of them “sacrificing” their time. Please la.

Just because you paid us to do a job does not mean we are at your beck and call. You have no right to treat us as your slaves simply because you seem to have religion. Don’t hold us responsible for YOUR irresponsibility.

And some people wonder why I hate my religion.

Disclaimer: I’m referring specifically NOT to Protestants.

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