Windows 7 Launch

Was fun fun fun! I have a picture or two, but am FAR too lazy to actually post them up. All I can say is that the launch was fun! Complete and utter fun. I now have two stickers on my computer table: a green Windows 7 and a very very pretty blue sticker (yes my favourite colour is blue). 😀

The launch was officiated by the Business Group Director of Microsoft, a very unassuming guy. I mean, if I had met him outside of the launch I wouldn’t have given him a second glance, thinking him just an ordinary guy. But I had to admit, the launch for Windows 7 was quite a lot of hype.

They had a wushu dance and flag ceremony. I’ll admit, the wushu performance seemed to be less of a performance and seemed to be more of a ritual to drive away bad luck. When you consider just what a “disaster” Vista was…

Yup, they needed it.

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