[Copywriter’s Chronicles] Vin’s pregnant?

Was informed by Ian:

Ian: Vin’s going to see a gynaecologist.

Me: Oh ok… wait what?

Ian: He’s going to see a gynaecologist.

Me: He’s going to see a guy named Colon?

Ian: -_-”

[Joicy]: No, he really is going to see a gynae.

Ian: Yeah cause his period is late.

[Joicy]: Yes, his period hasn’t come for a long time.

[Chris]: Spartacus (bear in mind that Spartacus and Vin are team mates in the same office) thinks Vin might be pregnant.

Me: *opens up wordpress*



Spartacus: No, I didn’t say Vin was pregnant, I said Vin was lucky, can now take maternity leave!

Ian: *keeps chanting* It came from behind!


Vin: These talks will be gone once I get a girlfriend.

Spartacus: No, that time we’ll say, “Oh, we don’t know you’re a lesbian.”

All: More hysterical laugh.


Wife of Edit:

Seen on Twitter: Very funny Mr.Gynecologist, better stop before it hits the boiling point! By then you won’t see anything but a massive Black Hole!


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