[Poem] Who am I?

Directly inspired by [Karcy] saying I called her a feminist.

I am a person, the home to many.

Within me lies the power of words
The truth I seek is the truth I own
Many faces, many sides, many façades do I present
Each that you see is a reflection of me.

Identities I have many
Sister, friend, mother, daughter, lover, friend
Conventional, but for
The mischief maker, the sensual one, the defiant child, the angry woman, the bullying voice, the fearsome stature, the woman I am
I am all of these, yet each are me.

Personalities I have but one
Within that one I have many modes
Childlike, fangirl, sober, serious, humourous, mournful…
Aching, despairing, hopeful, broken hearted.

The world, it wants to define me
It tells me I am Asian
It says I am a Christian
My nation is Malaysian
My race is human.

Labels I see, labels I peel
Pretty pretty sticky things
No meaning do they have for me
But for the roadmaps they point out.

Once I said I am woman, hear me roar
Now I say I am human, hear me speak
Lend me your ears, open your mind
Give me your hand, show me your tale

Many identities do I have
Many more shall I seek
By my conscience and my choices
This life, in my hands, is for me to take.