[Politics] Quick thoughts

Need to get this out of my head so I can concentrate on the things that really matter:

Nazri terkantoi when he invited lawyers to prosecute Lingam based on what he said in the video clip. I agree with the Nut Graph people that the boasting of appointments is minor, it’s the fact that he wrote the judgement for a judge that’s far more damaging.

Dear Perakians
Looks like Zambry is out to screw you for even thinking of voting for the Opposition by the latest council rules forced onto you by the Federal Govt.

WTF Anwar’s my state’s economic advisor now? Hancur. Can we get rid of the deadwood in the civil service at least, Khalid? I don’t mind paying my parking fines then if the roads around my area are PROPERLY maintained.

Deputy Education Minister whom I cannot bother to look up the name, wow was your own attention in school that lacking? Kau cakap kita orang cakap BI dalam sektor peribadi tapi Dewan Bahasa dengan Bernama pula tulis yuran sebagai “fi” (fee) nak suruh kita cakap BM? Kau uruskan yang terkantoi dalam Dewan Bahasa dan Bernama dulu lepas tu baru kita cakap pasal sektor peribadi ok? Paham tak?

The Potong controversy? Wow way to tell us you guys are all for the support of TM – Tame Monkeys. Plus I’m pretty sure that the horrible connection we’ve been getting is to prepare us for the next by-election right?

And lastly: No wonder we have no manpower to stop crimes! When so many of our people are in the Special Branch and not out there stopping crimes, Hishamuddin (Home Minister of Malaysia) says the increase in crimes is because people are beginning to report crimes more frequently. Sure, and then we have more people losing their lives because THE POLICE TOOK TOO FREAKING LONG TO RESPOND!

Ok back to work.