Comic Fiesta 2009 thoughts

Everything written here are all my own thoughts. Because I’m too lazy to do a coherent post (and am waiting for Ubuntu to update) here’s a rundown on thoughts about Comic Fiesta:

No one kicks ass like our attendees
Seriously, no one does. The community who bothers to show up on the Forum, IRC, blog, Twitter and so many others REALLY make the event worth dying for. Every time I read the comments, check out the updates and join the chat, I realise that the community is really something unique. Thanks guys. You make all the aches and pains of goodie bags, the drama of the weeks before and the headache of replying to some inane comments worth. Every. Single. Heartbreak.

Also, we had INTERNATIONAL visitors and booths. The Thai booth that was selling badges rocked so hard. I should have bought more badges from them. The Australian cosplayers were nothing short of epic. And the crazy Canadian and Aussie who walked from the KTM station all the way to Sunway Pyramid have my respect! Also, I was surprised when Narmi came looking for me to say thanks for showing him how to get to CF. That was nice. πŸ˜€

Then there’s also the crossing of Internet cultures. One of the most uplifting projects on the Net is Project “You Are Beautiful” where people randomly post notes in bathroom and other places reminding people that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. We had attendees who took it a step further. They did this out of sheer boredom and turned it into one of the most uplifting themes of Comic Fiesta 2009. Did I also mention that our Busking slots were popular? Gan told me that people took his idea and ran away with it; we had buskers WITHIN and WITHOUT the hall. πŸ˜€

Lack of cosplayers
I actually liked that there were less cosplayers but who were epic in their own way this year. There were a LOT of cosplayers on Day 1, and not too many on Day 2. However, the quality of cosplayers shot up. Man you guys were awesome! Special highlight goes out to Deidara: you may not have won, but damnit you were epic!

We’re not a government organisation
The day before Comic Fiesta, Sunway Convention Hall had this. Now, on both Saturday and Sunday, we had random people coming up to the Ticketing counter asking us if we knew where that particular programme was being held. They all knew that the programme was on Friday, but decided to come on Saturday and Sunday for some weird reason. One pair decided to buy tickets to check us out on Day 2 (they came on Saturday) but the second pair was simply WTF. They asked us if we had any brochures/flyers regarding the programme which might have been “left behind.”

Um… no?

Our helpers kick ass and take no names
They’re far more dedicated than I ever thought anyone could be. Some came to Comic Fiesta in the middle of exams. Others came, helped out, then went into full costume mode. Yes, that Master Chief cosplayed AND did his helper duties. MMU kids had exams (ON A FREAKING SUNDAY AFTERNOON NO LESS) and yet managed to spare time to come and help us.

Seriously, you guys rock. I, for one, am humbled and really grateful you guys came to help.

Committee Woes
My legs died from standing too long at the Ticketing counter LOL! And from moving around like crazy for the assembly line. :p Kidding. I salute my fellow committee members for this insane endeavour. Some have been doing this for more than 3 years; I think it’s official to say that our lives revolve around this now.

Awesome friends are awesome
They make attending CF a joy, for keeping me company and preventing me from going insane and being understanding when I have to literally disappear to do CF stuff. πŸ˜€ This year also marks the last year Deidara and Deru will be joining Comic Fiesta for the next 2 years. If all goes as planned, it will be my last too. But I don’t have any regrets. Comic Fiesta brought me some of the best friends I’ll ever know, and gave me a home away from home.

Of course, I admit that I was evil to some (no I am not SORRY at all for making you drive like mad to Sunway Pyramid, Shoji, for the YUA group). πŸ˜€ But I am glad for friends who let me randomly drag them out for lunch, for looking after my food, for bearing with my madcap antics, for making the effort to attend CF, for random hugs, for being patient, for smacking me on the head, and most of all:

Thank you for being my friends and family. You guys know who you are.

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  1. Yaaahahah lol…

    The insanity that is the Ticketing department.
    Our lives really stuck in this thing for good oh dear…

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