[Speculation] Another child found dead

I found this waiting for me in Twitter today.

The police have not confirmed if the child was sodomised and raped as the papers are reporting, and I am awaiting the final decision on that. All I know is that if it is the same MO as Nurin, then we should keep a closer eye on our kids.

Here’s a rough timeline of what’s happened since Nurin:

August 20, 2007: Nurin Jazlin goes missing
Sept 17, 2007: Found dead
Jan 9, 2008: Sharlinie Nashar goes missing
April, 2008: Two girls were kidnapped and raped with foreign items in the Kampung Baru area.

TODAY, 24 December 2009: This.

Anyone else seeing a pattern?

2 thoughts on “[Speculation] Another child found dead”

  1. Just a word of advice, please, PLEASE keep an eye on your children, especially if you’re in Dato’ Keramat/Wangsa Maju/Setapak/Kampung Baru (Jalan Tun Razak, Chow kit) area

  2. oh god, I wonder how many pedophiles are there in Malaysia!

    if it’s the same one, he really should rot and die.

    they’re just kids, for god’s sake!

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